Bypassing firewall / NAT router with reverse SSH


+--->Server| | +------+ | | | +---v----+ | |Firewall| | +--------+ | | | +---v---------+ | |Public Server| | +-^-----------+ | | | +---+ +---+You| +---+

Down the rabbit hole of Shared object (Library) in Linux

Shared object or .so is no stranger to Linux user. The main purpose of shared object is a collection of code that can be reused by other project. Shared object can be loaded ( dynamic linked ) by executable file during runtime as oppose to static link with static library. The characteristic imply that executable may crash due to missing shared object. This text explain how dynamic linking is performed and later explore the possibilities of tapping the call between executable and shared object.

Installing Old Nvdia card on Ubuntu-Server

I spend whole afternoon trying to figure out why theano wont play nice with my Nvidia GT 9800 card. Here is the 5 minute solution I learnt.

Parsing C/C++ using Clang with Python


Cef is a framework allowing us to embed chromium into our application
Golang is the language designed by Google employee with heavy support on concurrency.

Compile your own linux kernel

Return Oriented Programming

Practice for my first ROP from the nice people from PicoCTF2013 with the help from very nice tutorial

Golang and C

Golang is all good and sunshine .. untill you need a library which is only available in C / C++

Talent That I don't have

Last year the someone offer HITB-2014 ( The last HITB ) free ticket for anyone who solve this puzzle. Me, being a python newbies, attempted this puzzle and failed horribly.

Vortex Level 1 Write up

level 1 provide us with this vortex.c file , i have cleaned up and added some comment

Vortex Level 0 Write up